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REPZIP wins 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon

Bitcoin Association are delighted to announce Repzip as the winner of the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon.

If you missed the final round of the competition at the CoinGeek Live conference, you can watch it again here.

The competition saw more than 400 people from 75 countries compete to build a creative project on the Bitcoin SV blockchain over an eight-week period. Out of 42 projects, entries were whittled down to three outstanding finalists, each with a chance to win a share of the US$100,000 BSV prize pool. 

Feel free to stop the Bitcoin SV Hackathon gallery to congratulate the winners…

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Thank you for participating in our 3rd BSV Hackathon!

Hello participants - thank you for participating in Bitcoin Association’s 3rd BSV Hackathon. We very much appreciate your participation in this important time in Bitcoin SV’s journey to fulfil the Satoshi Vision.

The strength of hackathon entries continues to get better – especially with our extended coding period for this 3rd competition.  We were very excited to see such a diverse set of high-quality submissions and enjoyed seeing your creativity and effort in this competition. It was great to see even more developers around the world like you who are passionate about making the Satoshi Vision a reality – and…

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Don't worry, you still have time!

If you received an email indicating that the hackathon submission period is over, it was a mistake — don't worry, you still have time to submit! The submission deadline is August 18th at 5PM BST.

Don't forget the minimum requirements:

  • Code submission using a GitHub repository named after your team.
  • Supporting documentation (this may include photographs of whiteboards, diagrams, written notes, a short business case, or any other material you think relevant).
  • A 5 minute (or less) video summarizing your entry – e.g. a screencast demonstration of your product and a short introduction to your team, vision, goals, and business…

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Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for Bitcoin SV Hackathon.

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The August 18 deadline is now less than 2 weeks away!

In a recent webinar, Bitcoin Association Curriculum Specialist Evan Freeman discussed the following topics:

  • Profit-seeking in Bitcoin
  • Economic growth and opportunity
  • Using Bitcoin to build differently
  • Refining your application.

Find out how this can help you with your project on the webinar recording below:


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You Don't Have to Fail When Building on Bitcoin

Increase Your Success Rate with Bitcoin SV

Failure is a part of any build - nobody is going to get everything right the first time! But armed with the right strategies, tools, and mindset, many common pitfalls can be avoided.

Join Bitcoin Association's Evan Freeman for a free webinar on Aug. 5, 2020, 5:00 PM BST, where he'll cover:

  • Profit-seeking in Bitcoin.
  • Economic growth and opportunity.
  • Using Bitcoin to build differently.
  • Refining your application.

Places are limited so reserve your spot today.

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VIDEO: Bitcoin Script basics and Applications


The August 18 deadline is now less than 3 weeks away!

In a recent webinar, Bitcoin Association Training and Development Manager Brendan Lee discussed creating novel applications within Bitcoin, using Bitcoin Script basics and signature applications.

Find out how this can help you with your project on the webinar recording below:

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You're invited! Bitcoin SV webinar for creating novel applications

Quickly improve your coding skills

When it comes to creating novel applications on Bitcoin SV, it's always best to have sound fundamentals. Bitcoin Association Training and Development Manager Brendan Lee will take you through Bitcoin script basics and signature applications to will help you with your project.

Tune in this coming July 29, 2020, 11:00 am BST, to take part in this event.
There are limited slots only, so be sure to sign up early.

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STARTING NOW: 5 hours of video content to help you build on Bitcoin SV

Building on the technical foundations laid on the first day of DevCon, the second day will help you put that knowledge into practice, with sessions focused on developing applications for the Bitcoin SV blockchain.
Today you will learn:

  • Frameworks for application development.
  • Tools to help make the development process easier and faster.
  • Business sensibilities when developing on Bitcoin SV.

Today's activities wrap with a panel on how to develop services for success on Bitcoin SV.
It features the CEOs of several leading companies from the…

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VIDEO: 5 tools to help you with the Bitcoin SV Hackathon


The August 18 deadline is fast approaching in the Bitcoin SV Hackathon, so we want to help you make sure you get everything finished in time by showing you five tools for building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain which could help you with your project.

In a recent webinar, Bitcoin Association's Joshua Henslee detailed a selection of existing infrastructure for the Bitcoin SV blockchain that you can leverage right now:

  • Bitbus is beneficial if you are looking for your service to notify you once a transaction has been broadcast.
  • Bitsocket is a…

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Join the free Bitcoin SV DEVCON this weekend!

We are only a few days away from Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020!

Don't miss out on a free weekend of education and excitement at Bitcoin SV Devcon 2020. The two-day event will cover everything you need to know to start building powerful applications that leverage the power of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

  • Day One focuses on network theory, covering a range of technical aspects of the Bitcoin Protocol
  • Day Two is designed to develop practical skills for building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain

Sessions on both days will be led by leading figures from across the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, including…

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Join our first Hackathon Webinar, learn about Bitcoin SV developer tools!

Bitcoin SV Hackathon Webinar

Learn about developer tools to build on Bitcoin SV

We are glad to announce that we are launching a series of webinars dedicated to help Hackathon contestants in their project submission process. 

Join us for our first Hackathon webinar on Tuesday 7th July at 5PM (BST)

This session will be dedicated to developer tools that can help you build on Bitcoin SV.

Presenter: Joshua Henslee
Contents covered in this session:

  1. _unwriter's Bitbus
  2. _unwriter's Bitsocket
  3. TwetchPay widget
  4. Matterpool's TXQ
  5. BitcoinFiles-SDK & APIs

Important: capacity is limited for this session so we will be prioritizing attendance for Hackathon registrants. Please make sure…

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Submissions are now open for the Bitcoin SV Hackathon! Are you ready?



Here are some reminders to keep you on-point throughout the competition:

  • Discord is the official communication platform with moderators, so make sure you have it installed and your account is logged in.
  • Announcements will be posted in the BSV Hackathon Discord channel and on the Devpost platform, in addition to email updates for things such as timing, tutorial videos, and some tips and tricks.
  • nChain staff will be readily available for consultation, but only during official UK working hours. After that, they will try to get to you…

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[Important] Tips, tricks and rules for the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon



The rules and code of conduct for the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon are now available. These guidelines will help to ensure that all participants enjoy a welcoming and fair environment.

Some of the guidelines include:

  • The application you design should leverage the unique properties of Bitcoin SV.
  • The nChain staff will be available to provide high-level advice, particularly on the Bitcoin SV protocol and infrastructure.
  • The Bitcoin SV Hackathon provides a safe and comfortable environment and harassment-free experience for everyone. The harassment of participants in…

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Announcement: The theme for the 3rd BSV Hackathon



We're excited to announce the theme for the 3rd BSV Hackathon: Connecting the world to one global blockchain.

We would like to see examples of the real world being connected to, and making use of, Bitcoin as a common set of record - promoting interoperability between systems where this hasn’t previously been feasible.

Examples can include solutions that:

  • Make it easier for companies in different industries to interact.
  • Improve the ability of businesses, organizations, and consumers to operate across borders.
  • Enable consumers to use their data to interact with…

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